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CoCo Bible: King James Version

The following files are CoCo .dsk floppy disk images. Right-click then "Save-As" to download them to the location of your choice.

After loading them into your CoCo or emulator's floppy drive 0, do DIR0 to list the files which are on the disk. Then enter RUN "TYPE" to read the files one line at a time.

When asked for the FILENAME? - enter it without quotes and with a dot separator, e.g. ROM01.TXT - not ROM01/TXT and not "ROM01.TXT" or "ROM01/TXT"

When you're finished reading, the only way to leave the TYPE/BAS program is by doing a hard reset. (Yes, I know - but I wasn't very adept when I wrote this back in the 1980's.)

TYPE/BAS is pretty ugly. I recommend using your favorite CoCo word processor instead.

Also see the New Software License.

Genesis 1-29

1 Samuel

Proverbs to Song of Solomon


Genesis 30-50

2 Samuel

Isaiah 1-37


Exodus 1-21

1 Kings

Isaiah 38-66


Exodus 22-40

2 Kings

Jeremiah 1-31



1 Chronicles

Jeremiah 32-52 and Lamentations


Numbers 1-18

2 Chronicles

Ezekiel 1-26

Romans to 2 Corinthians

Numbers 19-36

Ezra to Esther

Ezekiel 27-48

Galatians to 2 Thessalonians

Deuteronomy 1-29


Daniel to Amos

1 Timothy to Hebrews

Deuteronomy 30-34 and Joshua

Psalms 1-87

Obadiah to Habakkuk

James to 3 John

Judges to Ruth

Psalms 88-150

Zephaniah to Malachi

Jude to Revelation


For your convenience, the entire KJV Bible, as of 2019/03/10, is also available in a single file.